Helping addictions

  • Stop smoking without withdrawl or weight gain.
  • Weight Control the easy and healthy way.
  • Alcohol addition helped

Anxiety Related areas

  • Panic attacks, learn to cope again.
  • Stress, Learn to take control again.
  • Agrophobia, The first step is always the biggest.
  • Nail Biting, Cured quickly and easily.
  • Fear of Flying, Holidays become a reality again.
  • Public Speaking is so much easier with Hypnosis.
  • Stuttering can almost if not completely overcome and controlled.
  • Teeth grinding, regain a peaceful nights sleep for everyone.

Sleep Disorders

  • Difficulty getting to sleep, no longer.
  • Awaking too early, not any longer with hypnosis.
  • Nightmares keeping you and others awake, no longer.

Performance Issues

  • Confidence been taken away, regain yours now.
  • Public speaking can be boosted
  • Poor memory is significantly improved with hypnosis.
  • Sports performance poor, not with hypnosis.
  • Concentration wandering, stay focused.

Medical Conditions

  • Blood pressure can be lowered without medication.
  • IBS is significantly controlled with hypnosis.
  • Psoriasis can be improved with one or two treatments.
  • Male impotency often with one treatment can be eradicated.
  • Pain is the worst human condition but can be eased significantly.