Want to lose weight without diets

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Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is now available as part of a 4 part weight control treatment.

Fusion Therapy Weight Contronl is now available as part of a 5 part weight and massage treatment with Blair and Peter.

Lets be honest, most people could do with losing a little weight but if you are one of those that needs to lose weight because you are over weight, then we can help you.

There is no need to go on a faddy or yo yo diets just a change in your attitude or thinking is all that is needed. Some people have eating disorders and these too can be helped.

We over eat for a whole variety of reasons such as


  • Eating at the wrong time of day
  • Boredom eating
  • Eating too much (unable to leave left overs on the plate)
  • Addicted to certain types of food (chocolate, cheese or crisps)
  • Emotional eating
  • Unable to eat healthy foods
  • Cannot eat slowly
  • Eating sweet sticky foods
  • Are you addicted to cream cakes?
  • Or just cannot say no

Well, we are able to help you.

You can arrange a free consultation either over the phone or by visiting us. The number of sessions is difficutl to predict without meeting you, but ususally we meet 3 to 5 times over a period of time.

We are able to offer different types of treatment from straight forward changing eating pattens to gastric band work. Each session is on a one to one basis. All your information that you share is completely confidential.

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